Quick Debt Consolidation Loans Online Approval

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan from $1,000 to $35,000

Save thousands by using quick debt consolidation loan, pay off high interest debt with a low fixed rate. Pay off your loan anytime with no prepayment penalties.

  • APR Starts at 6% to 36%
  • Income Source: Employed or Self-Employed
  • Loan term: 3 months to 60 months
  • Pay back loan in fixed monthly installments
  • Source of income must be verifiable.
  • Address & state issued or driver’s licence Id proof is a must
Debt consolidation loan online approval. It takes 15 minutes to check Your rate.

Checking your rate won’t affect your credit score !

Action Plan:
“Don’t quit, when the funds are low and the debts are high”.

Instant approval within minutes without affecting your credit score. Simple online debt consolidation application, easy drop down menus to fill in and submit.

Apply for debt consolidation loan quick to pay off debts today.

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Best Debt Consolidation loan typically work like an installment loan with a fixed repayment period. When you make your monthly payment on time each month, this will help you in getting out of debt and also improve your credit score.


is it a good idea to consolidate debt with a personal loan?

Yes, it is a good idea to consolidate debt with low interest personal loan because it allows you to pay off multiple creditors to whom you owe money. The last thing you would want is to risk having numerous creditors leaving you bad marks on your credit report because of late payments or unpaid debt. By paying all these debts with just one personal loan, you can focus your attention on paying back just one loan rather than a whole bunch of them. In addition, you will be paying a lower interest rate when dealing with just one personal loan.

How to get approved for a debt consolidation loan?

It is easy to get approved for a debt consolidation loan if you meet a few simple requirements. Basically, lenders will want to see that you have a good history of making payments on all your other debts. If they check your credit history and see a lot of defaulted loans in your past, then they won’t approve for a debt consolidation loan. You must prove to them that you are responsible and that you have a stable monthly income available. If you can prove these two things then you will likely get approved for a debt consolidation loan.

Guaranteed Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit:

Bad credit ok as long as you have a permanent source of income. This is an unsecured debt consolidation loan to pay off debts which dont need any collateral like your home or car. Must show proof of income and have a valid checking account.

Important to have a low debt to income. If your income is good and can able to pay back the consolidation loan within the given term then you can apply.

Make sure to pay your consolidation loan payment each month on time to avoid late fees. This will help you in improving your score from bad to good credit.

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Frequently asked questions about Consolidation loan:

1. What is Debt Consolidation Loan?

  • Pay off debts with one loan.
  • Interest rate lower than your present debts.
  • Low monthly installments.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • Can be used to pay off credit card debt, Mortgage loan, medical debt, high interest loans etc.

Applying for consolidating debt loan process is easy and you can qualify if:

  1. You are 18 years & above
  2. Residing within USA
  3. Stable Work History.
  4. Have permanent weekly or monthly income.
  5. Low debt to income
  6. Can show proof of income.

Note: If you dont like consolidation loan rates then you can cancel the request. There is NO COST or NO OBLIGATION to check rates.

Why Debt Consolidation Loans?
  1. By taking an unsecured loan, you take your first step towards paying off all your debts in one go.
  2. You are then left with a recurring monthly repayment of only one loan until the amount and the interest is repaid.
  3. Focusing on one loan repayment reduces your stress and financial burden as your payout is generally at a lower rate.
Need collateral to get consolidation loan?

No, collateral is not required to get a consolidation loan. Must have a regular income (monthly/weekly) and a good credit score.

Get debt consolidation loan for bad credit?

Yes, you will but for higher interest rate. So it is better to compare your present interest rates you are paying for your debts and with the debt consolidation loan rate you are applying for. If you get lower rate than your present interest rates then apply for it.

Example: if you’re paying 10% on your car loan + 14% on your mortgage + 11% on your credit card loan per month so total 35% per month you’re paying interest on your debts.

When you apply for a debt consolidation loans and you get it for less than 35% then apply and pay off your debts.

How long it takes to get quick debt consolidation loan?

Quick approval same day, within 1 to 4 business days you will receive the loan amount

Can i get a long term debt consolidation loans?

Yes, you can get 3 year or 5 year long term debt consolidation loan. Check monthly payments it will either increase or decrease depending on the term you choose.

How does debt consolidation loan works?

Once you submit your loan application online at a p2p lending site which consists of many registered p2p lenders online. Within a minute, your application will reach to all p2p lenders.

Each lender will check your application and see if they can offer you a debt consolidation loan or not. If you have good score and regular source of income then you can get approval and terms within same day.

Just pick the loan and term which is best for you and also see if there any hidden fees, late fee payment etc,

Easy Approval Debt Consolidation Loans:
  1. You should have a permanent source of income: Employed or Self employed.
  2. Credit score: Need min 600 score to get good interest rate. If you have a bad credit then it will be high interest.
  3. Low debt to income ratio (less then 45%)
What are the documents required to get consolidation loan?

Pay stub or other proof of income verification is required. Individual looking for a debt consolidation loan or personal loan must NOT have any accounts more than 60 days late. You should not have present or recent bankruptcies. No late payments history.

Debt consolidation loan helps to Improve Credit Score?

Yes, it will. Debt consolidation loan is a fixed monthly repayment process which is like installment loan. Pay back loan amount with interest in easy monthly installment.  If your making the payment as per the agreed terms without missing a single month then it will helps to improve your credit score.

Is there any pre-payment penalty?


Do i need to pay advance or upfront fees to get a consolidation loan?

No such upfront fees exist with p2p lending. Only origination fee at the time of loan disbursement.

How and when do I repay the loan?

Through automatic electronic fund transfer every month on the due date mentioned with your lender agreement. It’s just like the way you pay bills online.

What to do if I’m not able to make the payment on time?

It’s good to contact the lender if you’re not sure you can make the payment before due date and discuss with your lender. We are sure they will work on it if you haven’t missed the payment before.

Can I get customized loan?

Yes most of the p2p lenders are flexible and give you option to personalize your loan, choose the best terms that suits you. Select terms 3 months to 72 months payment plan available.

Save Money NOW with a Debt Consolidation loan at low fixed rate, APR starts at 6%

Be debt free soon by lowering your monthly payments. Your loan rating and APR are determined once you submit your application. Get loans up to $35,000 for maximum of 6 years terms to help you simplify your payment amount and fit into your monthly budget.

Quick Debt Consolidation Loans:

  • Quick consolidation loans. Soft inquiry without affecting your credit score
  • Debt Consolidation loan quick approval from direct lenders and pay off all your debts.
  • Repay in monthly installments at fixed rate.

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Get rid of debts in a quick and easy way. Apply and get your loan amount approved in a fast painless online application process. It takes just 3-5 Minutes to Complete and it’s free to apply.

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Quick Consolidation Loans;


1. Quick and hassle-free loan process: Apply online quickly and check your rate .

2. Direct Debit Setup: You can set up a direct debit payment every month and reduce your stress.

3. Free to check Debt Consolidation Loan rate: Check debt consolidation loan rate. Just enter your debts and find out the applicable rates even before you sign the loan agreement.

4. Guaranteed lower rate of interest: Avail low rate of interest applicable to your loan as opposed to the higher rates of interest currently paid to creditors and save money! APR starts 5.99% 

5. Loan amount: Benefit from a consolidate debt loan for an amount of $1,000 – $35,000 for up to 5 year term.

6. Use Debt Consolidation loan to consolidate credit cards debt, bill consolidation, high interest loans, and any other debts.

7. Fixed monthly payments: Consider paying fixed monthly repayment by spreading the term and paying out the minimum payment allowed on your consolidation loan.


  1. Late payment fee when you default on your monthly payment.

With Debt Consolidation Loan, Life Gets Better!