Instant Business Line of Credit $2,000 to $150,00 Funding

Online Merchant & Small Business Loan Approval in 7 Minutes, Bad Credit OK.

Most of the business owners need business funding to grow and online merchants, new business, bad credit business are no exception. Here you can get instant business line of credit for small business and online merchants as well.

Small business owners who use credit card processors, square,, bank checking account, e-checks, Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, PayPal etc..

Online Business Merchant’s who use PayPal and buy-sell their products on sites like eBay, Amazon, e-commerce, Etsy etc and also use their own websites can get instant business loan approval.

Instant business line of credit approval is based on your business performance, sales, revenue etc,. not just your credit score. This is a simple and quick underwriting process with no paperwork or docs required. More business accounts information you provide for lender to review, you can get better loan amount, rate and terms.

If qualified, you can get instant business line of credit approval from $2,000 to $150,000 & same day funding.

How to Get a Business Line of Credit

Enter basic business information and securely link your business checking and other online accounts for lender to review your revenue instantly. Please see below images to find how to apply and link your business accounts.

  • Bad Credit OK. Easy online process & approval.

Your loan can be deposited into a business checking or PayPal account. Instant loan deposited into your PayPal account take just few minutes to process. Loans deposited into your business checking account take 0-3 days to process, depending on your bank.

Business Line of Credit interest rates:
  • There is no interest rates, Pay only Monthly fee from 1.5% to 10% (Details explained below).
  • Pay monthly fee only for the outstanding loan amount for the month.
  • You can pay back early as there is no prepayment penalties or any other hidden fees.
  • No Origination fees. 
  • There is No Minimum Credit Score requirements. Bad Credit OK
  • Short term 6 month or 12 month.
Business line of credit requirements:
  • Years in Business min 1 year
  • Business sales min $50,000 in a year [OR]
  • Average $4,200 business sales from last 3 months.
  • Must have at least one business account and accounting platforms.
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How Instant Business Line of Credit Monthly fee works:

Instead of interest rates, kabbage charges only simple monthly fee for the outstanding loan amount for the month. With the security of a business line of credit you’re always ready to take advantage of your next opportunity. Get started today at kabbage.

Kabbage credit score:

Monthly fee will be fixed based on your kabbage credit score. Kabbage gives its own credit score for each customer who applies for a business line of credit online.

This credit score is based on your business age, performance, sales, revenue, social media, transaction, business & personal credit rating. Based on these factors, kabbage gives a credit score from 1.5 to 10 which will be your monthly fee for the business line of credit you qualify for.

Tip: Actually social media will help lender to measure your level of engagement with your customers.

How are fees calculated?

Kabbage offers simple 6 or 12 month terms with no origination fees. For 6 month term, pay 1.5% to 10% of your selected loan amount for the first two months and only one percent for the remaining four months.

For 12 month term, pay 1.5 to 10% fee of the loan amt for the first 6 months and pay 1% of the total amount for the remaining 6 months.

business line of credit rates

Note: Since there are no prepayment penalties you can pay off your loan early & save on monthly fees

How does Instant Business Line of Credit Approval Works?

Kabbage provides working capital to small businesses via an automated platform that delivers funding to small business & online merchants. Instant decision within seven minutes from the time you land on their site until there’s actually cash in your account.

Kabbage connects with your business accounts for underwriting process. They do this through connectivity from a third-party verify data sources. This will allow kabbage to confirm business information like revenue, sales history, transactions, and identity. It will help kabbage to make approval in minutes and deliver the cash quickly.

business line of credit requirements

You don’t need to meet the lender in person. All you have to do is, depending on the type of business accounts that you are using securely link them with kabbage.

As a customer you land on their site & sign up. By providing them an email address and a password you begin with your account creation.

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About Kabbage inc,.

Kabbage a leading business line of credit provider dedicated to helping established online retailers and small business owners to get access to the business capital.

  • BBB Accredited since 2009 with A+ Score

Kabbage originally started serving online merchants because that’s where the most data was readily available. Today they actually serve all type of small business owners & online merchants regardless of where you operate.

It could be nail salons or dry cleaners or stores on Etsy or ebay, etc. But you must give access to your accounts along with bank checking and online accounts like QuickBooks or Zoho or Xero to verify.

I am retailer I sell both online and offline, I’ve got to buy some inventory how do I work with kabbage?

It is really simple and hassle free because most of the small businesses have to go through a huge effort to get business credit line from banks. But, at kabbage you just need to fill in the application and connect your business accounts like checking account, PayPal, QuickBooks etc to underwrite for a no doc business line of credit.

As you may or may not know Kabbage’s vision is to create a world where business owners both men & women and self employed can acquire affordable, no origination fee business loan.

If you have business information like Google Analytics,,, Expensify, Ups, etc. With your permission, Kabbage then retrieves that information, analyses it, and gives you a business lines of credit that you can withdraw to a PayPal or business bank account.

No doc business line of credit underwriting process and instant approval:

Kabbage access data points in real time to underwrite for both small businesses and individuals for the right amount at the right time. Today, you can get no doc business line of credit in less time with no paperwork.

Just fill in the business line of credit online application form. Tell them about yourself and the business you do. Start with adding checking account.

Kabbage will get access to detailed information from your checking account and in addition routing and account number. This is really important because kabbage will see your historical information not just validating it. They will see your transaction data just like your bank statement.

They do collect Social security number of the business owner along with personal & business information. Once application process is done they will get a credit report.

They process the data that you have provided in few seconds. Based on the information you have given, kabbage will determined how much this customer can qualify.

You don’t have to upload any docs like statements or tax information or anything else. Because kabbage can able to connect to all of it automatically through your accounting platforms.

Instant Approval Business Line of Credit within minutes:

Kabbage is very creative in reviewing the applicant’s business information to give business line of credit instant approval.

The processes begin with an online application. Give them some very basic information about personal & business you do. Provide access to your business accounts. Kabbage connect to those sites and then automatically underwrite and give them cash. The whole processes from landing on the site to cash in your account takes few minutes.

Kabbage will pull down data automatically from those sites as well as some personal and business information. Kabbage underwrite them right then and there and give them access to business funding.

kabbage business loans


Instant Business line of credit prepayment terms:

Does prepayment of this Loan result in  any new fees or charges? NO

Does prepayment of this loan decrease the total  interest or Loan fees owed? YES

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How Instant Business Line of Credit Online Application Works:

Business line of credit application is easy to use, drop down menus and can be applied using your computer or mobile. Simple process, complete your application online in minutes without any hassle.

business loans instant decision

Instant Business loan approval, link your business checking & other accounts with kabbage to review for business loan qualifications.

instant decision business loans

Instant business line of credit process not only saves your time, but also no paper work required. You don’t need to worry about faxing/scanning docs.

no doc business loan

To get no doc business line of credit instant approval, lender will review you business revenue, cash flow, and credit history within few minutes.

Business loans instant decision within minutes

Once your business and its income is verified, & qualified, kabbage will offer line of credit for small business with term and fees.

business loan approved

Use kabbage line of credit for your business purpose anytime. You pay only for the line of credit loan you withdraw.

Business loan immediate approval


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How Much Business Line of Credit Can I qualify?

At this point, customers will have two choices. You can either go to your dashboard & get the cash right away. Or you can add more accounts or data. If you add more business accounts you can get access to more business funding.

By adding more accounts you may get additional business line of credit. Let’s say you have added a totally new channel where lender can measure more revenue. Due to this you may go from $10,000 business line of credit to $50,000 line of credit immediately.

For example:

An online merchant can come in and add online stores. Small business owners can add their online payment services like,, or WePay or QuickBooks payments. Perhaps if you use credit card processing accounts then add it too. If you can add, add your PayPal, social network like facebook & twitter as well.

Whether you have an online or offline business or service providers it could be accounting platform that counts the most. Even if you have shipping information with UPS can add it too.

How to Get a Business line of credit For a New Business:

If you have a new business active from past 1 year and shows sign of improvements in monthly sales. By now, new business owners might have realized, need of short term boost in working capital. Not able to meet the payroll deadline. Would like to buy new inventory or need to cover some expenses immediately.

It’s not easy to get business line of credit for a new business from banks as well as from other non traditional lenders. Not because of your business age but its impossible to meet their requirements like good credit score and minimum yearly sales to qualify.

Why kabbage? Most of the lenders including banks prefer minimum one year sales to qualify. But kabbage looks for last 3 months average business sales of min $4,200.

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Can i get bad credit business line of credit?

Depends, if you’re looking for business line of credit from banks then your personal and business credit score must be good to excellent. LendingClub expects fair credit score. But Kabbage can approve a business line of credit bad credit. Kabbage doesn’t charge any origination or prepayment fees.


Business Line of Credit Bad Credit:

As long as you meet kabbage requirements, you can get qualify for business line of credit with bad credit. It’s not easy to qualify if you have bad credit. Bad personal or business credit score can be compensated only if you have steady business sales, have a positive balance, business income is improving. If you have good customer’s feedback via social media then why not?. Also due to kabbage’s easy underwriting process and minimum qualification you may get instant business line of credit approval for bad credit.

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Why Business line of Credit from Kabbage?

Whether you own a retail store or restaurant and are one of 30 million small business owners who often can’t be helped by banks and credit cards. But now you have found Kabbage you will be going to make things happen.

Kabbage is a fast and easy new way to get up to $150,000 for your small business by applying online and linking your business accounts. Kabbage use your real business data to approve for a line of credit in as little as minutes. Now you can take as much or as little business line of credit whenever you need it.

Use instant business credit line for anything, buy inventory or build a new website. Pay for marketing or expand your storefront. Even pay for new locations.

You are not alone, tens of thousands of small businesses both online merchants and bricks and mortar owners have trusted kabbage for simple easy and fast business funding.

So skip the hassle in the paperwork and say hello to small business funding right now.