Best Place to Get a Personal Loan for No Credit to Excellent Credit

Need a Personal Loan ASAP?

If you have bad credit or excellent credit and are in dire need of a personal loan. Then you are probably wondering where the best place to get a person loan would be. If you need a personal loan asap and need it quickly. The best place to go would be your mobile device or laptop computer.

These devices allow you to easily access personal loan opportunities online from any location which has wireless internet connectivity. Just go to your favorite browser and search for reputable personal loan websites. Find positive Personal loan reviews or click below ‘green’ button to visit loan website that has been recommended to you.

Aside from the convenience of applying for a personal loan online from the comfort of your own home or any other location, it also gives you access to a network of lenders who offer loans to people no matter what their credit score is like.

You could have terrible credit or great credit and you’ll be able to find a lender that will approve your application either way. Don’t worry about the safety of your personal information when applying online. Because the whole application process keeps your personal information completely safe and secure.

The best part is that lenders will review your application a lot faster when they receive it through the internet. You could get an answer within minutes, depending on the accuracy of the information you submitted. One thing is for sure, it is definitely a lot faster than going to a bank. Chances of getting approved by an online lender is high.

Credit Check:

Online lender will check your credit score using social security number to know it is really you. This soft full inquiry wont affect on your credit score. They will do hard inquiry only after you approve the terms and rate.

Best Place to get a Personal Loan for Excellent Credit:

When it comes to getting personal loans for excellent credit, you will have many lenders to choose from because they will trust you with their money. Your excellent credit score proves to them that you know how to handle debt responsibly and that your chances of defaulting or missing payments on a loan are small.

An excellent credit score would be anything over 800. But don’t forget that most personal loans are unsecured loans which mean they may still have a high APR if you don’t choose the right loan agreement. That is why you need to shop around and get quotes with various lenders on the internet before committing yourself to one of them. Then choose the one that has the lowest APR so that your interest payments will be as small as possible.

Unsecured loans excellent credit

If you have excellent credit and need unsecured loans. The APRs with most online lenders will typically be between 6% and 10%. This certainly beats the 20% or more APR that you would get if you had bad credit. Just remember that if one lender offers you 10%, don’t assume that another lender won’t offer you a smaller APR like 6%.

Each lender has different policies and rules which determine the APR. They set for someone with a particular credit score and history. That is why there is great emphasis on shopping around online for a lender before settling with one.

Let’s look at an example of how you can calculate your monthly payments on these low APRs. Let’s think you need $4,000 personal loan with a 24-month payment plan and a 10% APR and a one-time origination fee of 3%. This would mean your origination fee is $120. This amount gets deducted from the $4,000 that you originally requested which means you’ll actually be receiving $3,880.

However, the total amount of interest you’ll have to pay per year is $400.

Therefore, the APR is calculated on the original principal of $4,000. Assume, if you have a 6% APR  instead of 10%, then your annual interest would be $240 not $400. Obviously, you’ll want to look for the lower APR but also pay attention to the origination fee percentages as well. They only get deducted one time, though.

Estimated APR for Excellent credit personal loans from online lenders [6% to 10%]

Example of online loans monthly payments for 36 months loan schedule for $5,000 personal loan for the [ APR 8%  including average Loan origination fee 3%]

Total of 36 Loan Payments$5,557.88
Total Interest$557.88
Origination Fee$150.00
Total Interest + Fee$707.88
Actually loan amount Received$4,850.00
Monthly installment:$152.11

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Best Place to Get a Personal Loan for Good Credit

You might be somebody who has good credit but not excellent credit. A good credit score would roughly be between 700 and 800. Do not worry because good credit personal loans are out there and they have pretty decent APRs too.

With good credit personal loans, you can expect to pay an APR of anywhere between 11% and 16%. So, if your credit score is closer to 700 than your APR will be closer to 16%. If it is closer to 800 than it will be closer to 11%. You get the idea.

Unsecured personal loans good credit

Here is another example of a loan for someone with only good credit. Let’s say you get a $5,000 loan and you have an APR of 15% with an origination fee of 3%. This origination fee $150 is going be deducted off the principal and leave you with $4,850. The yearly interest charges you’ll have to deal with are $750.

But if you were to find an APR of just 11%, it would only be $550. Don’t forget that the interest amount for the year gets spread out over the course of 12 months so you don’t have to pay it upfront.

Example of Personal online loans monthly payments for 36 months loan schedule for $5,000 personal loan for the [ APR 14%  including average Loan origination fee 3%]

Estimated APR for good credit personal loans from online lenders [11% to 16%]

Total of 36 Loan Payments$5,978.58
Total Interest$978.58
Origination Fee$150.00
Total Interest + Fee$1,128.58
Actually loan amount Received$4,850.00
Monthly installment:$166.07

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Best Place to Get a Personal Loan for Fair or Average Credit:

If you have fair credit, then you probably have a credit score of between 600 and 700. Although it is not the best credit position to be in, there are still loans for fair credit applicants out there if you search for them. Many online lenders will offer unsecured personal loans for fair credit with APRs of between 17% and 25%. As you can see, the APRs keep getting higher as the credit score keeps getting lower.

Just to show you a quick example again, imagine getting a $10,000 personal loan with a 25% APR. This means you would be paying $2,500 in interest charges per year. That’s a quarter of what your entire loan is worth and yet, you’re paying that amount in just one year. If this were going to be a 3-year loan, you would end up paying over $7,500 in interest charges at the end of the term.

Estimated APR for fair credit personal loans from online lenders  [17% to 25%]:

Example of Personal loan online monthly payments for 36 months loan schedule for $5,000 personal loan for the [APR 19% including average Loan origination fee 3%]

Total of 36 Loan Payments$6,417.49
Total Interest$1,417.49
Origination Fee$150
Total Interest + Fee$1,567.49
Actually Received$4,850.00
Monthly installment:$178.26

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Best Place to get a Debt Consolidation Loan:

The best place to get debt consolidation is from an online lender. Who will approve you for a personal loan with a low APR and flexible payment plan.  If you apply for a debt consolidation loan with 600 credit score, there is no reason you would not be approved for it. The only other thing the lender is going to look at is your debt to income ratio. This is the ratio which compares the total amount of expenses you have each month to the total amount of income you have each month.

For example, if your monthly income is $3,000 and your monthly expenses add up to $1,200, this means your debt to income ratio is 40%. Lenders will look at this ratio when they calculate the terms of your loan, such as the term limit, APR, and monthly payment amount. They just want to make sure you’ll have plenty of extra income after your regular expenses are paid to afford the monthly premium they set for you.

You must have debt to income ratio not more than 40% to 45% to get a consolidation loan.

If you already have a lot of debt accumulated from different creditors and lenders, then a debt consolidation loan will pay off all those debts. That way, you will only owe one amount to one lender instead of owing multiple amounts to a lot of different lenders. The benefit of this is that you will end up paying fewer interest fees with just one loan and it will prevent your credit report from getting multiple negative marks from multiple creditors.

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Best Place to get a Personal loan for No credit or Bad credit:

The hardest time to get a personal loan is when you either have no credit or you have bad credit. Personal loans for young adults are particularly difficult to get because you have never taken out a loan before so you don’t have any credit history or credit score. This means personal loans for young people will only be issued if you have a cosigner on the loan with you.

Please note personal loans for no credit or bad credit can qualify up to $5000 personal loan for short term from 3 months to 3 years only. Depending on your loan to income ratio.

This cosigner uses their own credit score to help you get approved for the loan and then if you default, the cosigner is the one who suffers the consequences. In most cases, a cosigner ends up being the parent of the applicant who helps their child get a loan for the first time. Then if the loan is paid off successfully without any missed payments or defaults, the borrower’s credit score and credit history get established.

If you have a bad financial history, it could also be the reason for having no credit. But most of the time, a bad financial history will translate into having bad credit. Either way, it will be more difficult to get approved for a personal loan that doesn’t have a high APR. For example, personal loans for single mothers with bad credit or personal loans for single parents with bad credit are more readily available these days, but not at banks.

Personal Loans for NO Credit:

Of course, you still need to have a steady source of income each month in order to qualify. Lenders want to make sure you can pay back the money and proving your income will certainly help with this. They will want to know your loan to income ratio in order to calculate an income based loan repayment plan. Poor credit personal loans based on income allow people with a bad financially history to pull themselves out and fix their credit rating for the last time.

Following reasons may help you to get a personal loan for no credit especially for young adults:

  • Your income: Must have a permanent source of income (must be verifiable).
  • Work history: Stable work history. Working in the same place from past 8 months to 1 year.
  • Accommodation: Either you stay in your own or rented. Not with friends or as paying guests.
  • Loan to income ratio: Having good income to repay the monthly installments
  • Lower Debts and Liabilities
  • Tax Payed for your income
  • Entering accurate Personal Details
  • Not overused credit in the recent past
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Best place to Refinance Auto Loans:

Car dealers have a tendency of giving you unfair deals on auto loans. Even though their APR might be lower than what you’d have on a personal loan, the monthly payment amounts are typically a lot higher. And if you miss too many of these payments, they’ll have your car repossessed. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can seek out auto loans online that come in the form of a personal loan.

Auto loan pre approval online works just like a normal personal loan pre approval process. You simply fill out your personal information on the application and then submit it online. After a few seconds, you’ll be presented with a list of lenders and the loan deals they can offer you. What you’ll want to do at this point is pay attention to the APRs and monthly payment plans. Once you find one that is acceptable to you, choose the plan and then pay off your auto loan with it.

Best Place to Refinance Mortgage Loan:

The biggest loan you will ever have in your life is a mortgage loan. There may come a point in time when you’ll want a personal loan or refinancing to pay off the remainder of your mortgage so you can get a lower interest rate and lower your monthly payments. That way, you will have a better chance of making your monthly payments and not missing any payments or defaulting on the loan.

If you apply for a mortgage loan online, you’ll want to set your loan amount to at least the same amount as the current balance on your mortgage and choose an APR that is lower than the one you have on it right now. If your credit score is good enough, you can find no collateral personal loans that can pay off your mortgage.

This means that if you were to default on your personal loan for whatever reason, your house would not be collateral for the lender like it is right now with the traditional mortgage company. However, if your mortgage principal balance is more than $35,000, then you will have to refinance rather than get a personal loan.

When you refinance your mortgage, you are just getting a new mortgage loan from another mortgage company which will be used to pay off your existing mortgage. Then you will be making your monthly payments to this new company rather than the old one.

Also, your house will be collateral in this new refinanced mortgage just like it was with the old mortgage. The upside is that you can get approved for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the mortgage and still have a lower APR than the one you have right now.

Best Place to Get a Business Loan for Bad Credit:

Most of our business loan online lenders look into your business cash flow to give a business loan. Whether your personal credit score is less then perfect credit it doesn’t matter. Your business income must be good having average cash flow min $8,000 per past 6 months. This is enough for you to qualify for business loan with bad credit.

Business loan amount will be fixed based on your business income and terms will be up to 3-5 years. For startup businesses you must have min 640 personal credit score.

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Easy to get Personal Loans Online:

When you go searching for an unsecured personal loan for whatever reason. The lenders online will only approve you for an amount between $100 and $35,000. The APRs are typically between 6% and 36% with a minimum term of 3 months and a maximum term of 5 years. The online applications are very simple to fill out and should only take you a couple of minutes. After the application is submitted, it should take about one business day to get approved and then another one to four business days for your loan money to get direct deposited into your bank account.

If you have a minimum credit score of 600 or more, then you should have no problem getting approved for a personal loan online quickly. This will also get you the lower end of the APR range that was previously mentioned. On the other hand, if you have a credit score of under 600, you may still get approved for a personal loan but you will have a much higher APR. The good news is that there are no prepayment fees with these lenders so if you do the smart thing and make bigger payments early, you can take care of the loan faster and pay fewer interest charges on the principal amount.

Income and fees:

To ensure, you make your payments regularly. Lenders will require that you have a minimum monthly income of $2,000. They may even want to know your debt to income ratio as well. If you are late on any of your monthly payments. Expect to pay a fee of between 10% and 15% on the payment you owe for that month. Also, when you first take out the loan, the lender will add an origination fee of between 1% and 5% of the principal balance to your first monthly payment.

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Soft inquiry Personal loans:

When you fill out a personal loan application and submit it. A soft inquiry is usually made so that you can be presented with the best pre-approved loan options for you. This soft inquiry will not have any impact on your credit report or credit score. In fact, there are some personal loan lenders that won’t even do a hard inquiry on your credit report as they’re reviewing your application.

A hard inquiry would mean they are doing a credit check on you. With one of the three main bureaus for credit reporting; Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian. If this were to be done, then it would affect your credit score. But if you provide your SSN, then you can avoid the hard inquiry altogether.

Please note that different p2p lending companies have their own policies when it comes to reviewing personal loan online applications. Just because these companies may not do credit checks, they will still use your social security number to research your consumer lending history. Through databases such as DataX, DP Bureau, and Teletrack. Fortunately, this won’t affect your credit score.

Compare p2p lending v/s bank

Getting a personal loan through a bank can be worse than getting it through p2p lending. For one thing, banks have much stricter policies on who they give loans out to. If you have fair or no credit, then they probably won’t even consider approving you for an unsecured personal loan. You will either have to produce collateral for the loan or simply be refused the loan altogether.

Online p2p lending is great for people who have been refused personal loans by banks. The network of lenders who participate in online p2p lending are in the business of giving money to people with less than perfect credit. Sure they will charge higher APRs of over 15%. But at least you will get approved for the loan instead of denied.

You may also be subjected to origination fees of between 1% and 5%. Although there won’t be any prepayment fees. But if you miss a payment then you will be subjected to late payment fees of about 10% to 15% of the amount you owe for the month.

Compare p2p lending v/s credit unions

Credit unions are generally like banks in terms of their strict policies on approving loans. However, they have much lower APRs and origination fees on their personal loans. Because they are nonprofit organizations that aren’t in the business of making lots of profits for their shareholders like banks are. Credit unions are strictly in the business of serving their community and its customers. This allows them to keep their fees much lower than banks would.

As for p2p lending, you will still have a much easier time of getting approved for a personal loan for low credit score. The only difference is that you will have a much higher APR than you would with a loan from a credit union. Therefore, the one you choose really depends on what your credit score is.

The good news is that both institutions do not typically do hard inquiries into your credit report. This means your credit score will not be lowered if you apply at a credit union or p2p lender. But if you were to apply at a bank. Then they would do a hard inquiry and it would definitely lower your credit score. So keep that in mind.

The approval process with p2p lenders is much faster than credit unions. Like banks, credit unions may take 1-2 weeks to thoroughly review your loan application. While p2p lenders will give you pre-approval within seconds. The exact length of time depends on how accurate your application is.

Minimum Requirements for personal loan online, banks and credit unions

Personal loan lenders, banks, and credit unions all have similar minimum requirements when it comes to approving unsecured personal loans. They each expect you to have a monthly source of income that is about $2,000. And debt to income ratio that is low enough to show that you can make your monthly payments on time. And, of course, they will each give you a lower APR if you have an excellent credit score.

Personal loan online same day [instant decision, approval]:

When you try to get a personal loan online and expect to get an instant decision same day. There will be a couple of considerations that need to be made. If you are someone with fair or bad credit, then your only chance of getting approved for an unsecured personal loan to have a low debt to income ratio.

This means you have to be taking in a lot of income every month. With less than 50% of that income going toward expenses. But if you have excellent credit in addition to high income and low expenses. Then you will be offered some of the lowest APRs that are available for unsecured personal loans.

Compare Personal Loan options:

Remember that searching for the best loan deal is the wisest thing you can do. Especially when your looking for a best place to get a personal loan. If you needed to rent an apartment, would you just pick the first one that you see. Or would you search around for the best rental prices first?. Choosing a personal loan is no different. So make sure you compare the rates and terms of all the lenders. Because it could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

After you start comparing the loans offered by multiple lenders online, these lenders will begin competing against each other to get you to sign with them. They’ll either call you or email you to negotiate the terms of their loan. If you respond to any of them, try setting your own terms and don’t just settle for what they say. If they want your business bad enough, they’ll lower their interest rates enough to make you both happy.

Remember that filling out your social security number on an application will not affect your credit score if a soft pull is done. Usually, these are done during the approval stage as you’re out scouting for lenders. That way, you don’t have to worry about your credit score being affected each time you fill out an application for a loan on different websites. Once you submit an application, lenders will immediately be in competition to make a deal with you.

Compare personal loans carefully by looking at the term amount, APR, origination fee, and prepayment penalty fees. Choose the one with the most reasonable fees and terms. It is as simple as that!


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